Acamea is isolated from the mainland of Aeolis (the main continent) by an impassible Wild Magic area known as The Lightning Plains. Acameans have long since forgotten their own origins. The plains prevent any travel inland and visitors from foreign lands who brave the seas are rare. It is speculated The Lightning Plains were not always so dangerous. Most explorers that venture in are never seen again, and those that do speak in crazed whispers about old battlefields, ruined cities, and undead.

Acamea has been ruled by a monarchy for most of its 300 year history. Its territories are divided amongst several noble families. Within its borders an independent state known as Spell Haven is populated by sages, scholars and wizards that serve the crown. Realmadon was also a free city-state on the borders of The Wilds of Acamea. However it has recently been annexed by King Braden as an consequence of The Crusade.

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