“Alignment is an extremely complex concept in role playing and the following is meant to clarify my standing on Alignment and its interaction in Game Play.

Lawful Good – Does not meant that you have to play Knight Galahad from King Arthur. In fact the most famous LG character to most people would be Moses. Since he was the famed author and bringer of the Judaic law to the people he is no doubt considered Lawful. Moses also ordered the genocide of the Canaanite people including Women, Children, and Animals. This action is extremely different than what the Knights of the Roundtable would do.

Neutral Good – Does not make you a Gregorian Monk, I use Abraham from the bible as my example of NG. Abraham while clearly an example of good he also lied to the Pharaoh of Egypt telling him that his wife was his sister, and did a middle of the night military raid to rescue his cousin Lot who was captured by a Warlord.

Chaotic Good – I related Chaotic Good to that of King David who was said to have the heart of God, but also refused to carry out the Genocide of the Philistine people, arranged a revolution, fought against the King of Israel, etc. He was a reformist changing the laws and unafraid to go against the Grain.

Lawful IMO deems a systematic style of thinking and structure. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never tell a lie, but that you’ll stick with practices that have been successful in the past. It is a conservative style of being in which you don’t reinvent the wheel nor do you fix what isn’t broken.

Chaotic IMO deems a artistic and creative style of thinking. You have no qualms with challenging authority and what is, so long as you think there is a better way out there. You are a reformist, out of the box thinker, and will come up with ingenious ways to do something.

Good IMO deems that you place the well being of others ahead of yourself, it could be Religious, Patriotic, Social, Cultural, etc. in nature but you are willing to sacrifice part of yourself for the good of others. It doesn’t mean that you’ll sacrifice your set of goals or objectives to help out starving children, just that you’ll give them rations even if it will hurt you and your group a little, but you wont give so much that it would mean that you would starve.

Evil IMO deems that you place yourself above everyone else, better them than you. It doesn’t mean that you worship the devil just that you are selfish and manipulative placing an object-like status on people rather than treating them like a person.

Obviously there are degrees to each and one player can be LG and play like Galahad and another can play like Joshua who carried out the Genocide ordered by Moses.

...Thank you Tim for ^ this excellent insight!”


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