Warriors 2Combat: I prefer to make combat a little more random and deadly.

-Called Shot: = Special Damage only (appropriate to the weapon-type used), NOT an auto-crit. Called Shots can be attempted with a ranged or melee attack and with some spells. A PC must declare a called shot and succeed on a concentration check before his attack roll. Some feats do make called shots easier to attempt or do extra damage.

The DC for the concentration check is 10 + penalty of the called shot being attempted. For example, a -2 penalty to hit limbs by the attacker would require a DC of 12, whereas hitting the eyes might be a DC of 18 or more.

If an attacker threatens for a critical hit rolling to hit with a called shot it specifically affects the targeted area. (In other words, the roll for special damage effects is less randomized). If the attacker fumbles during a called shot he will provoke an attack of opportunity from the target even if he normally would not.


Attacker has Sneak Attack, Precise Shot or Combat Reflexes, and has enemy flat footed: -2 to hit limbs, -4 to hit hands, -6 to hit head (or object) -8 to hit eyes or throat.

Attacker has Sneak Attack, Precise Shot or Combat Reflexes. : -3 to hit limbs, -5 to hit hands, -7 to hit head (or object) -9 to hit eyes or throat.

Attacker has ^ none of the benefits above: -6 to hit limbs, -8 to hit hands, -10 to hit head (or object), -12 to hit eyes or throat.

Massive Damage: = taking more then half your Max HP’s in damage in one hit (or 50 total damage, whichever is lower)... Higher level attackers (or an older monster) have a better chance of killing someone because of their experience in combat.

Save vs. Massive Damage = DMG dealt +1/2 character level/HD, or DC 20, whichever is lower. Failure to save vs. massive dmg results in one of three things… death from shock + bloodloss (failing the save by -10 or more), incapacitation from shock (failing the save by -5), or just shock. A character in shock can do nothing but a 5ft step and a minor action, each round, until they make the save. Anyone in shock will suffer bloodloss (internal or otherwise) at twice the normal rate…

Special Damage and Power Attack: This feat allows you to break bones with a bludgeoning weapon, impale with a peircing weapon or cut to the bone with a slashing weapon on a successful hit thereby doing special damage.YOU MUST HAVE A BAB of at least +5 and -5 FROM EACH ATTACK to receive the benefit of special damage. (The location of which is still randomized) A successful Power Attack does NOT count as an auto-crit. It only deals 5 extra damage + special damage effects. (That are also randomized)

Dead man

-Hit Location and typical special damage effects (unless I roll randomly otherwise)

Roll D20 to determine which body part. 1-3 Right Arm (cannot use weapon), 4-6 Left Arm (cannot use weapon), 7-9 Right Leg (half move), 10-12, Left Leg (half move), 13 Right hand (cannot hold item), 14 Left Hand (cannot hold item), 15-16 Gut (-1D3 Con) 17-18 Ribs (Punctured Lung, -1D6 Con) 20 Skull (Incapacitated)

Critical Hits: Confirmation role is required. I use a chart for crits.

Fumbles: Confirmation role is required. I use a chart for fumbles.

Instant Kills: Nat 20 on Critical Hit + Nat 20 confirmation role threatens Instant Kill. PC must then make a massive damage save to avoid death.

Kind of Dead or Really Dead? A character is not truly dead until they exceed their con score in negative hit points.


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