Helmets and Shields

Helmets: ARE NOT included with armor. I say this because armor listed DOES NOT penalize Spot and Listen which it would if it included a helmet…

Open Faced Helms: -2 Listen, -2 Spot, 20% Fortification vs. Crits to head.

Closed Faced Helms: -4 Listen, -4 Spot, 40% Fortification vs. Crits to head.

3gp Open Helmet (leather) 2lbs Hardness: 3 /Hit Points: 2 /Spell Fail:10%

6gp Open Helmet (reinforced) 3lbs Hardness: 5 /Hit Points: 5 /Spell Fail: 10%

10gp Open Helmet (metal) 5lbs Hardness:10 /Hit Points:10 /Spell Fail: 10%

12gp Closed Helmet (reinforced) 5lbs Hardness: 5 /Hit Points: 10 /Spell Fail: 20%

20gp Closed Helmet (metal) 8lbs, Hardness: 10 /Hit Points: 20 /Spell Fail: 20%

Shields Require conscious effort to use in defense. An attacker who catches you flat-footed will obviously not swing for your shield. Thus you DO NOT get a shield bonus to AC while flat-footed.

Helmets and Shields

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