Primordial Magic and the Origins of Evil Races

Elves were the first to settle Ayodya. Primordial Magic coursed through water, roots and rock altering everything it came in contact with. The planet was in the final stages of creation and it wasn’t long before the Elves realized the potential of primordial magic.

They learned how to shape trees, stone, even sinew with primordial magic. They reveled in its power and tracked veins of magic back to fresh-water springs that were also its source. Corellon warned them against meddling with this power but each new miracle they conjured up removed them further from his influence. Corellons voice grew weak as prayers became scarce.

Centuries passed and the elves realized the primordial magic was prolonging their lives. Other vistitors came to settle Ayodya and partake of this boon. Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans and Orcs. By then the magic springs dried out on the surface. Dwarves discovered other pools of arcane magic underground. These were somehow tainted. Anyone that drank from them became sickly and violent and aquired and even stronger thirst for the stuff. It quickly became an epidemic. Entire civilizations of Dwarves and Elves warred beneath the surface. These were the origins of the Drow and Duergar.

Meanwhile on the surface elves finally began to die off from natural causes after one thousand years. Later generations were spared the madenning thirst but were forever changed by the magic in their blood.

Primordial Magic and the Origins of Evil Races

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