The Death of Corellon at the hands of Gruumsh

At the onset of the dark times many races blamed the elves for hoarding Primordial Magic for themselves. Orcs most of all. Their god Gruumsh encouraged them to wage war to put themselves in power. Orcs allied themselves with Ogres, Hobgoblins and Gnolls. Elves made allies of Humans, Gnomes and Halflings. Dwarves remained independent, safe in their mountain strongholds. Elf chick vs orc

A terrible war followed ending with an epic duel between Gruumsh and Corellon. Of the pair Gruumsh was stronger. He had a spiritual advantage. Orcs had not turned away from worship as the elves had. Their religious fervor gave Gruumsh greater strength and they fought through an entire day into the following night. Corellon took Gruumsh’ right eye but was himself slain. Elven civilization never achieved the heights it has on other worlds. Page 125 complete champion

Orcs have since almost completely conquered Aeolis, the main continent, driving away other races to more remote areas of the world as they soak the earth in blood.

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The Death of Corellon at the hands of Gruumsh

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