Imbed sir thorne reinhardt
Listen well to an old knight. When things are bad the weak blame the strong. I joined the crusade at the beginning. I remember well why it had to be done.

I am Sir Thorne Reinhardt, cousin to the baron Reinhardt. At the time our king was crowned, fifteen years ago, I was lord of a small town. I did not yet know the service and sacrifice of knighthood.

Before king Braden the land was ruled by queen Minora until the princess was of age. Whomever the princess chose to marry would be king. Suitors from all corners of the realm practically lived at the royal palace hoping to be king.

The young lord Braden Cromwell III was not among them. Yet the princess would hear him spoken of often, for while other nobles were enjoying the privilages of rank Braden was fighting for his right of inheritance.

Men of war follow fighting men and king Braden is no coward. Nor is he a tyrant. He is a reformist and a man of action. Such men do not seek praise or succor from their subjects. They simply do what has to be done.

I once heard him say at a war council, “Stay the course. If you aren’t with me your against me!” Braden is a king who always speaks his mind, and his words tend to be harsh, but he is at the core an idealist.

My advice is read king Bradens Code of Knighthood and his Code Of Chivalry, otherwise known as Cromwells Cannons, before you dain to doubt him or The Crusade. The king is the land, the land is the king. As long as there are crows on the skulls we must support him and perservere.

Crows on the Skulls

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