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Early History of Realmadon

Realmadon was founded by a group of merchants who built the settlement as a way of bypassing the kings laws and taxes. They declared themselves to be an independent city-state and gathered commoners to them with promises of opportunity and prosperity. However It was no easy task to build a city within the The Wilds of Acamea.

Monstrous attacks were frequent and the merchants proved incapable of organizing defenses. The people elected a warlord to lead them and rule the city. His name was Adonis, a charismatic leader with a brilliant mind. His shrewd strategies organized a militia to protect the homesteads, the shops, the worker camps, and even the merchant elite. The rich and poor alike.

Adonis was a rare man to treat every class like brethren and he healed the bad blood between the merchants and the commoners. The people loved him and for the remainder of his years he planned, designed, and dreamed the layout of Realmadon. He attempted to create a haven on the frontier where one could make a fortune in safety.

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For the most part, all went as planned until the merchants betrayed him. Until now they were biding their time, seemingly strong supporters of his rule and principles but they were merely using him to build the foundation for a different kind of city. A city designed to protect the rich from the poor and rule them like serfs. By then most of the settlers had too much invested to pack up and leave. Once again they were forced to pay taxes and sacrifice their time and energy for the benefit of a richer noble-class.

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The merchant conspirators divided the city separating the southern half for themselves and the rest to the poor. They formed a merchant-council, still claiming to have the peoples interests at heart. In truth their idea of utopia caused a great deal of suffering. The lower levels of the castle, once used to store emergency supplies and shelter people in the case of a massive attack, became an infamous dungeon.

Spies and assassins roamed the alleyways listening for any hint of rebellion. Those who plotted against the council were brutalized and confined without mercy. Yet for all their deviousness the merchant-lords were not good at sharing power. Their own greed soured trust as they competed with each other in an oligarchy. Small urban skirmishes broke out with each lord hiring thugs to ruin the livelihood of the others in secret.

Before long Realmadon became aflame with urban warfare. Some merchants fled founding other towns of their own. Those that stayed plotted against each consecutive merchant-lord that wrestled control from the last. Some claimed to try and restore Adonis’ dream in their acts of butchery. His name and fabled reputation was used for political rhetoric to capture the support of the commoners and lure them into a dictatorship.

The Cult of Merra

During this turmoil a new threat stole into the city and competed with the merchants for followers. This was The Cult of Merra. They easily gathered support from the widowed and vengeful people of the city. Cultists were very adroit at using the fears and hatred of the lower classes offering allegiance to their goddess as a pathway to power.

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Then twenty years ago the people rallied around a new leader, Lord Conethel, who was elected ruler for an selfless act of bravery. Like Adonis before him, he was revered as a man of principle and fairness.

The Crusade


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